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This includes the UNDEW cleanser, serum and toner

A luxurious, creamy cleanser formulated to safely remove dirt, makeup and environmental impurities without removing the natural oils your skin needs. 

In the morning, use it to remove excess oil that your skin has produced overnight. At the end of the day, washing with UNDEW FACIAL CLEANSER will rid your skin of the dirt and impurities that have accumulated. Your skin will breathe better and be better prepared to receive the maximum benefits from your UNDEW Skin Care regimen. 

• Contains vitamins and antioxidants that protect against free radicals and DNA damage due to sun and general ageing. 

• Calms, soothes and has anti-inflammatory properties. 

• Attracts and retains moisture so your skin does not feel tight and dry. 

• Aids in the removal of dead skin cells and impurities that can clog pores.

• Rinses easily without leaving a residue that can cause irritation.

• It is paraben and fragrance-free.

 EXTRA BONUS: Includes our special blend of rice and our exclusive anti-glycation formula.

It is specially formulated to stimulate, tone and rehydrate the skin after cleansing. It does not contain alcohol so it's non-drying. It absorbs quickly giving your skin a cool and hydrated lift. It is fragrance and paraben-free and designed for all skin types. 

Key Ingredients
• An essential mineral, rich in copper that increases collagen and elastin synthesis. 

• A botanical blend that helps soothe and moisturize.

• Peptides that inhibit the formation of wrinkles and lessen the appearance of deep expression lines. 

• ENZACTA's own anti-glycation formula with proven anti-ageing benefits. 
UNDEW Facial Serum is an exclusive and innovative anti-glycation product created with European technology and specially formulated for ENZACTA.
Glycation is the result of the body’s reaction sugars. This reaction is detrimental to our health, beauty and longevity. Skin can be affected by a loss of elasticity and changes to collagen. UNDEW Facial Serum may be an important step in avoiding skin damage due to glycation.

After 60 days of use, skin may appear to have:
Less facial fatigue

Less fine lines and wrinkles

Less under eye bags

Less dullness
More firmness

*Results may vary depending on lifestyle, age and physical make-up.


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