PXP Purple Rice- Micronised purple rice powder

PXP Purple Rice- Micronised purple rice powder

June 05, 2019

I've been taking PXP Purple Rice for 3 years now.
I currently take two teaspoons a day with 15 drops of zinc and 3 drops of selenium.

Zinc oral drops- Important for healthy: Hormone production, Immune function and skin and repair.

Selenium oral drops- essential mineral and antioxidant support for cell production, healthy immune function and specific to the needs of NZ'ers.

PXP Purple Rice is powder form: This specific strain of rice has a higher level of nutrients and amino acids that can be found in any other rice family. It is naturally equipped with polysaccharide peptides and has a high concentration of anthocyanin antioxidants which give it its purple colour.

You can purchase on my website:www.embracehealth.co.nz

I purchase my health products from Health Post as it's much cheaper generally than in the shops:https://track.slice.digital/click?pid=1290&offer_id=308