ALFA PXP ROYALE PURPLE RICE- 30 SERVINGS - wholesale price $103.50 Please email to order

PXP Purple Rice


Please email to purchase.

To purchase PXP at wholesale prices please email me directly and take advantage of our great deal where you can purchase 2 x 30 servings for $161 a month or 1 x 30 servings for $103.50

This specific strain of rice has a higher level of nutrients and amino acids that can be found in any other rice family.  It is naturally equipped with polysaccharide peptides and has a high concentration of anthocyanin antioxidants which give it its purple colour.

The purple rice is micronised to alfa particle size using the latest technology.  This means that 99% of the rice is able to go into the cells to feed the mitochondria.  The mitochondria are the POWER PLANTS of your cells; they convert the nutrition you take (food, water and oxygen) into energy.

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