Emotion Code session completed between 24-48 hours after payment is received.

All sessions with love and gratitude are completed via distance/proxy and will be emailed to you and this will include:

  • Working with your subconscious to release trapped emotions

  • Your choice of the focus area for each session.

  • A detailed email of the Trapped Emotions released during your sessions

  • Complete confidentiality. Your personal information and Emotion Code session results will never be shared with anyone.

Releasing your Heart-Wall is the most impactful way to process and release your emotional baggage, discover your true self and feel greater joy in your life.

Emotion Code sessions can be completed via distance/proxy anywhere in the world.

Once payment has been received I will email to you get more information about our session and what you wish to accomplish.

Sessions are $70 if you can transfer into my NZ bank account, or $80 when purchasing worldwide or through pay pal.  Please contact me directly if you wish to pay into a NZ bank account.  renee@reneeswain.co.nz